Wednesday, 20 May 2015



For this exhibition we were put into groups and were then given a task for each group and what our group had to do was to research the typical types of food and drink you would find at an exhibition and then we were given a budget of £20 and we had to find and source food for our own exhibition and come up with a price list and where to get it from.

What you would find typically at a exhibition
Alcoholic beverages
cheese and crackers
soft drinks
mini pizzas
potato wedges
chocolate gateau
party rings
cheese cake

Some of the items we can not have because we do not have the licencing for and some of the people may not be old enough and also some because we don't have enough money to buy some of these things so with all of the knowledge of what you would find at an exhibition we went out to Home Bargains, but before we went there we had to decided how to split the money and after some consideration we said that we would spend £8 on drinks and £12 on food because after some research we found out that drinks cost less then food so we can spend more on food and still get enough drinks hopefully for everyone.

 List from Home Bargains
Walkers salt and vinegar (buy 3 for £2)
Wotsits (99p)
Quavers (99p)
bigT cup drinks (79p)
fizzy vimto (89p)
tizer (79p)
cherry coke/normal (99p)

These are some of the things tat we encountered on our journey around home bargains but we may have missed some of the thing we were wanting to get but when we go and but the things we will leave a but of reserve money so we can get some of the thing that we previously this way we can get a variety of things for the people that attend the exhibition and so that there should be some stuff that everyone likes.

One of the problems that we faces in our group what the amount of money we have been given to do this, because we only have a £20 budget, sorting money into the different categories was a little more difficult with less money. However, after a walk through several shops and having a discussion between our group we came up with spending £12 on food and the other £8 drinks. We also agreed on going to Home Bargains, one of the students in the class can get a discount and that will save us money as we only have a small amount.

half term task

For the half term task I had to take 2 pictures each day.

I didn't manage to take 2 pictures each day as I didn't do much during the holiday.

The first 2 pitcures are of the Bronte house in Haworth.

These two pictures are also in Haworth and are of the Church.

Both of these pictures show old architecture.

One day throughout the holidays I was around town so I decided to take pictures of Westfield, as it's still getting built and shows new architecture.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Royalty Free Music

Royalty Free Music

Royalty Free Music is a type of music licensing that allows the purchaser to pay for the music license only once and to use the music for as long as desired. For example you purchase a Royalty Free Music license for a video on your website. Royalty music is sometimes known as Stock Music.

Royalty-Free Music fills multiple needs of cost savings. Best of all you are helping ensure that the composers, musicians, and conductors are fairly compensated for their work--without risking the back-end unknowns of ongoing royalties. 

Final Evaluation

Final Evaluation

My final out come worked better than I thought it would have of, although I think it'd have worked even better if I'd have laid some of the objects out different and retaken the pictures that was blurry, to make the show reel work a lot better. 

My pictures for my final piece was all taken inside my house, the lighting used for these pictures where all artificial lighting, I think that I should have used a mixture of both artificial and natural because I think the different lightings in the show reel would have made it look like it was going on throughout the day and not just all at the same time.

If I was going to re-shoot my pictures, I would make sure that I used both artificial and natural lighting, also make sure none of my pictures are blurred, therefore it would look better and less rushed, so I'd take more time on taking pictures and then go through them all to see where or not the pictures are blurred or if I could take it from a different angle.

Contract Sheets for final piece

Final Piece Contract Sheet

 Some of these pictures work well but some others are blurred.
I feel like these pictures will have been better if I'd have set them out better and put laid the objects out better.

Risk Assessment for final outcome

Assessment Reference:
Unit 30
Activity Description:

Megan Prendergast (Student)
Review Date:
Assessment Team Members:

Overall Potential Risk Factor:
Course Details:
90 Credit Diploma Photography

Number of People Exposed:

Names of People Exposed:
Building-Place & Exact Location
My house
Is This An Acceptable Risk?

Persons At Risk and How
Existing Control Measures
What are you currently doing to prevent it?
Risk Level
Additional Control Measures
What else do you need to do?
Risk Level
Falling over animals
Watch where the animals are carefully

Burning myself with the kettle
Watch how full the kettle is

Stubbing toe
Make sure to watch where I’m walking


Different Angles

Birds Eye View Photography

Aerial View Photography

Eye Level Photography

Low Angle

High Angle

Worm's Eye View